Trunks the Freedomfighter from the Futue.

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Trunks the Freedomfighter from the Futue.

Post by Davion on Mon Aug 10, 2009 6:40 pm

A flash of bright lights and sparks come from the sky all the people of earth are looking that way thinking What is that?. Then suddenly and a young man about 18 years old fell from the sky. "Arggg!" Trunks screamed already beaten taking the impact from the fall. Trunks slow got up and look around "Earth huh... this should be were my mother is." Trunks slowly walked down the hill he had landed on when some people came to see what happen and who he was.

"Hey man are you a OK?" Some one call a doctor?!" You poor thing." The people said. "I'm fine... Leave me alone I'm fine.." Trunks tried to tell the people. Trunks walked down the road of the town when he saw a huge building that said Capsule Corp. Trunks walked in the building and went to the front desk. "Hello, How may I help you." said the lady. "I'm looking for Bulma Briefs." Trunks said. "I'm sorry but you can't get to her without having a point mint." the lady said. "No!, I need to see her now!" Trunks shouted. "OK sir I'm going to have to as you to calm down or I'm going to have to call security." the lady said. Trunks looked on a clip board see that Bulma Briefs office is on the top floor. "I'll go there myself." Trunks said walking toward the elevator.

As Trunks was pressing the button to go to the top floor 4 man came out "Sir, put your hand up or we will shoot!" they shouted. "Go ahead and try." Trunks smirked. One of the man shoot a bullet at Trunks. Trunks grabbed the bullet out of mid-air and plucked it at one of the guards making it go right though his leg "O my Gosh! Arggg!" The man screamed. One of the other man radio in to control "Hey man this guy is crazy he grabbed the bullet out of mid air and plucked it at Tony we need the freak-in army man!" "The army... Hahahaha!" Control said

"Well send a med ha ha! the army." Control laughed Trunks smirked an went into the elevator while the four 3 man tried to help Tony. When Trunks got to the top floor he saw a man "Where is Bulma Briefs?" Trunks said grabbing the man. The man scared saying "Right down the hall though the big glass doors." "Thanks" Trunks said as he put down the man. Trunks limped down the hall walking though the glass downs "I'm sorry but if you don' have a appointment then I can't see you." Bulma said writing down something. "Mom" Trunks said as he fell down on the ground.

"How many time do I have to tell you little Bobby I'm not your mom." Bulma said as she looked up seeing Trunks on the ground. "O my gosh.. Trunks!" Bulma said as she got up to help Trunks up "The an-androids" Trunks said. "What?! androids.... he take a senzu bean." Bulma said as she gave him a bean. Trunks jumped right up. "Sit down son tell me all about it." Bulma said. Trunks started to talk when he heard a someone shouting "Apollo were are you!?!?." Ill be back mom" Trunks said as he jumped out of the window. "I love you" He said. "Be safe Son" Bluma said.

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