The Attack of The Saibamen!

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The Attack of The Saibamen!

Post by Davion on Mon Aug 10, 2009 6:42 pm

The sun beats down on Trunks lavender blue hair "Huff Huff I need water." Trunks said trying to catch his breath. "Town is about 3 mile away." Trunks took of his jacket and tied it around his thigh, he then start t run toward town. When he got about half a mile away from town he saw smoke "What going on there?" Trunks wondered. "I have to get a better look at this." Trunks said as he flew into the air. "What the?!?" He gasped as he took a hard look at the town. "Wh-What happened? I got to get a better look." Trunks said as he he started to fly toward town.

The clouds of smoke covered the day sky dropping the temperature "Its getting a little chilly." Trunks said put his his jacket back on. When Trunks go to town he noticed that the craters from some of the attacks we different for and sayin attack or from attack these bast we acid like and were melting the things they hit. "Hmm must be some kind of alien." Trunks said to himself. Trunks looked the destroyed city and found a Mart. He jumped in side of the busted windows and grabbed two water bottles he founded on the dirty floor. "Hehe Finally." Trunks said as he cracked open the bottle and started to drink. Trunks jumped back out the window and started to search for someone. He walked around and saw a little green man running across the street. "Hey you!" Trunks shouted. The little green man looked at Trunks and screeched. "Arghagrh!" the little man had red eyes and a 3 fingers and toes he stood about 3 feet tall. "Hey, What the?" Trunks gasped. The little man screamed at Trunks again. "Saibamen!" He said in a loud crackly voice.

The little man started to rush toward Trunks "Saibamen!" He said as he rushed at Trunks. "Saibamen O not again." Trunks said. When the Saibaman arrived to Trunks, He tried to throw a punch. At this time Trunks power level was 1,000 be he had just finish training. When the Saibaman threw the punch Trunks grabbed it out fo mid air and kicked the Saibamans arm. We he made impact with him arm it made a loud crack. "Hehe I had to Break some thing there." Trunks chuckled. The Saibaman let out a loud scream before falling down and dieing. "That was easy....But what was all the yelling about?" Trunks said wiping the dirt for his hand. Trunks started to walk out for town when he heard a loud rumble. "What the?" He turn around and saw a army of Saibamen rushing toward him. "O my..." Trunks said.

Looking at the army for raging Saibamen and start to power up. He got to his full power, pulled out his sword and went in to his battle stance. The first Saibaman came and jumped in the air and another Saibaman dived at his leg. Trunks jumped into the air and cut the first Saibaman in half but the other one came from under him and cliped in up. Trunks did about 3 flips before landindg on the hard road. He slowly got up and said "OK so you guys got some move." Then suddenly and same Saibaman kicked him in the back and other one jumped on his face "Argg Get of me!" Trunks shouted. The Saibamans body began to glow and get hot. "Huhh What the?" Trunks said as he ripped the Saibaman of his face a threw his to the other rushing Saibamen. Suddenly Boom! the Saibaman blew up killing 9 of the near by Saibamen. "Hehe well I think I found the weakness." Trunks said. 5 more Saibamen came at Trunks. The Saibaman behind Trunks rushed back at Trunks he was trying to grab Trunks but Trunks turned around and let the Saibaman grab on the the flat side of his sword. Went the Little man got a grip on the sword Trunks threw him at the 5 Saibamen.

The Red hot green alien blew up all four of the Saibamen. Trunks Threw a Finish Buster at 3 of the Saibamen them. "Huff, Huff... my energy is getting low I have to finish this. Trunks Power level matched to Saibamen 900, So he power up to 1,500 "Arggg I need more power! Ahhh!" Trunks power rasied up to 1,700. The 10 remaining Saibamen stopped to look at Trunks. "AHHHHH More power!" Trunks shouted 1,900, "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" 2,000! The Saibamen all rushed at Trunks jumped on his body. Trunks released all of his power blowing all of the Saibamen away in one blast. Trunks fell down to the ground. "Huff Huff.... Hehe I did it." Trunks smiled.

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