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Team Template

Post by Tairu on Wed Jul 29, 2009 1:49 am

Hello if you want to join put your name as topic then fill this out.

Here is the template
What job would you like:
Have you ever created a game:
Whats your favorite video game:
Favorite Game Genere:
Known programming languages:

Postions (If you want to be one and there is already to many of them ask and I will probally let you have the job too but you have to show you are good at it.)

Project management (We need 1 more)
Programmer (we need 3)
Art Director (We need 1)
Environment Artist (We need 1)
Concept Artist (We need 1)
Lead Writer (We need one more)
Writer (There can be up to 5 of these.
Sound Engineer (We need 2 of these)
More if you can think of anything else

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Re: Team Template

Post by Riku on Sat Aug 14, 2010 6:11 pm

Name:Caitlynne C.
What job would you like:Anime/manga artist!
Have you ever created a game: no but i wish to 0w0
Whats your favorite video game:Kh (all of them)
Inspiration: Davion
Favorite Game Genere:rpg (idk)
Known programming languages: ....nani?

I wanna be like the Art directer. I have a bamboo tablet to draw on and corel painter (not photo shop though :c).


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