Chapter One : Adventure Begins

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Chapter One : Adventure Begins

Post by Tairu on Sun May 22, 2011 11:42 am

A young boy named Torji has just hit 15 and his mother was letting him become a Pokemon trainer. Alot of the other people in Pallet Town were becoming Pokemon trainers in the region Kanto. Torji had prepared for this for a while by studying and all. Torji knew he had wanted to be one of the first to make it so he could have a first choice on a Pokemon. It had just hit 8 AM and Torji dashed out the door. Torji was running hoping he did not miss out on any great Pokemon. Torji got to the lab just in time and knocked at the door waiting for an answer.

A kind of old man answers the door and grins. "Hello you must be here for your Pokemon" said the man with a grin. "Yes and you must be Prof. Oak" said Torji looking very happy to finally see the man who would give him his Pokemon. "Mhm and may I ask what your name is" said Prof. Oak. "Im Torji" smiled Torji looking proud. "Very well name for a Pokemon trainer. Anyway here are the three pokeballs, choose wisely this will be your companion for your adventure. " said Prof Oak. "Torji looked at the pokeballs and then picked one up with a blue sticker.

"I choose this one. Go Squirtle!" said Torji very happy and then releasing a Squirtle. "Squirtle! Squirt ! " said Squirtle happy to finally be out and running around. "Great choice" said Prof. Oak examining the young Pokemon. "You will need these five pokeballs and this pokedex" said Prof . Oak handing Torji his items to surly begin catching and training Pokemon. "Good luck with your adventure" said Prof. Oak smiling as Torji walked out of the lab.

Just as he walked out someone ran into him. "Watch it loser" said a voice. Torji looked up to see a young guy standing looking at him. "Do you not know that I Dez will be a Pokemon master" said the guy. "What makes you so sure" said Torji questioning Dez. "I will be getting one of the best starter Pokemon there is and no one will stop me" said Dez very excited and being very cocky. "Do you mind me waiting to see what it is" asked Torji. "Yes, you are probably a novice to Pokemon and you don't understand what I will be doing" said Dez looking at Torji.

Torji was getting a little annoyed but did not let it all get to him. "Well good luck" said Torji walking away. "I hardly will need luck" said Dez walking into the lab. Torji began walking away from Pallet Town and was now starting his adventure.

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