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Finish Buster!

Post by Davion on Mon Aug 10, 2009 6:39 pm

Trunks landed slowly on a soft grass field in one of the plains on the the east side of town "I have to get stronger no matter what." Trunks said to himself "Argg.." Trunks softly shouted. His hair slowly floated up and a light blue aura begain to form around his body. "Argg!" Trunks shouted as a brust of blue flames formed around his body. His power level started to slowly go up 1,010, 1,020... "Ahhhhh!" Trunks sreamed. 1,100, 1,175... "Arggg....AHHHHHHHHH!" 1,200, 1,400, 1,500. When Trunks finally got to the desired Power Level, He started to train.

First he pratice his flying skill by swerving though a forset of big Tree's. "Ahh...Argg...Ouch" Trunks complaned as he flew throught the thigh forest of oak trees. Next he praticed on the intenceity of his melee attacks. He noticed a very large boulder in the distance. Trunks power level went back down to 1,300 so he powerd back up to 1,500 and rushed the boulder. When he got close to the boulder he slowly span around to prepare for a backside kick to the center of the boulder.

When Trunks got about 3 yards away he was facing backwords to the boulder and he quickly cocked his leg back and swiftly crashed his leg on the side of the hugh boulder. "Ahhhh!" Trunks shouted as he made a impact that was so strong it sent the boulder slitly into the air. As the boulder floated in the air Trunks realized that it was a perfect time the destory the boulder. Trunks quickly put his hands behind his head and lauched a powerful blast a the flying boulder. "Argg!" The blast went flying in the air and hit the rock dead in the center destorying it. When the dust cleared Trunks said little bits and pierces of the boulder rain down on to the grass. "Hehe! Whoo Hoo!" Trunks shouted in excitement. "Wow who knew I had it in me!" Trunks laughed. "Well I think I'll call that one Finish Buster." Trunks said witha grin.

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